April 10, 2017

Brazil Campinas Mission

LDS Church & Missionary Work

Aubreigh (Brazil Campinas Mission)

–Paraphrased from Aubreigh’s mission interview–

The Brazil Campinas Mission

The Brazil Campinas mission is mostly in Sao Paulo, and part of the state of Minas Gerais. Right before I got there, part of the mission had split into the Piracicaba mission. Campinas is beautiful and is a very beautiful city. It’s very busy, but there are not many tourist attractions. But, the second temple that was built in Brazil was built in Campinas, only two hours from the Sao Paulo temple.

My little brother went to his mission in Brazil as well, and since most of the missionaries in the MTC came to the Campinas temple, he did and he even took a picture in front

When I arrived on my mission, there were one hundred missionaries, but by the time I left their were two hundred. A couple times on my mission we would come home at night and find another set of bunk beds. In one area, I lived for 9 months with 6 missionaries and only one bathroom.

The Brazilian People

Most of the people in Brazil are very receptive. They know the missionaries and what their purpose is, and most of them are willing to talk to us. Of course, there were always a few people who didn’t want to talk to us though.

Brazilians are very friendly, they love people and making new friends. They love giving you food, whether you are hungry or not. Most people would let us in the door and talk to us, but few were willing to welcome us a second time or making changes. Sometimes it was hard to walk away from those people, but our purpose as missionaries was to help people come unto Christ and make covenants. But, that’s ok. Some individuals just aren’t ready yet.

Campinas Mission Hymn

Our mission hymn says “We are missionaries of the Brazil Campinas mission, we are the Lord’s army, we work for his glory, we share his love for others. Together, all together, we’re going to build his kingdom here on the earth. Nothing is going to hold us back. Pressing forward, all together without fear or doubt. In the mission, in Brazil, BRAZIL CAMPINAS we give everything to the Lord.” I would sing it a lot as I walked around every day. It has been the mission hymn for at least 20 years.

Sister Missionary Safety

I had a couple experiences that were kind of frightening, especially when we were out around 8 or 9 at night. I know heavenly father protects his missionaries. Just make sure you don’t do anything stupid and lose his protection. Obviously there’s some situations you can’t avoid, and just be sure to be careful in those moments. Nothing bad ever happened to me while I was there, and a Brazilian never said anything unkind or threatening to me. I know that if I went back to Brazil as a non-missionary, I would probably be a lot more careful because people had a special respect for people with Christ nametags on.

For Future Missionaries

The best things you could do to prepare for a mission is to read the Book of Mormon everyday, gain a testimony of the book of Mormon, learn more about the restoration, learn more about the sealing keys, and the atonement. Even more important is to learn to love people and see the same potential in them that God does.

One thing I wished I had known at the beginning of my mission was to be patient with others. I would get so frustrated when I saw other missionaries being disobedient, but I know now that I can’t judge them. Being obedient is essential, but many people are still learning the gospel and many are even new to the Church. Everyone is on the same path, just on different points along that path. I know Christ would be loving and patient with these people. He would definitely correct behaviors if it was necessary, but He would not do so in a way that made a person feel terrible.

Know that you were called to your specific mission for a reason. There will be someone there who needs to meet you and hear your testimony. Trust in your mission president too. That’s often easier said than done, but he knows what is best and is inspired by the Lord to take care of you.

Culture, Language, and Travel

Aubreigh (Brazil Campinas Mission)

–Paraphrased from Aubreigh’s mission interview–

Brazilian Meals

For breakfast Brazilians would normally have oatmeal or Cuz Cuz. Lunch would always include rice and beans, either black or brown, served with some kind of meat. Dessert was served everyday, and one of my favorites was passion fruit mousse. You can’t forget Brazilian salad, which was normally just lettuce and tomato with salt and olive oil. Salads like this were so simple but so delicious. Soda was common with most meals, and natural homemade fruit juices were as well. One kind of Brazilian soda is called Guaraná, which is amazing. They have barbecue carts and restaurants where they served Churrasco, which is Brazilian barbecue meat. My last week in Brazil I got barbecued chicken hearts, and they were absolutely delicious.