April 10, 2017

Australia Perth Mission

Senaka (Australia Perth Mission)

–Paraphrased from Senaka’s mission interview–

Mission Geography

My whole mission was western Australia. If you cut it in thirds, we had the whole western side. It was pretty large, but the people basically only lived along the coast, although there were areas you had to fly to or take the train to. There is a temple in Perth. There are five stakes with five wards in each stake. There aren’t a lot of members, but they were very tight like family.

The People and the Temple

The people that aren’t LDS are very laid back. They don’t want to change because they’re so used to doing their own thing. A lot of them have problems with the Word of Wisdom. Before the temple was there, they had a hard time going to the temple. The strong members love going to the temple. You have to work with them to help them know to go.

The Weather

I’m from Phoenix, so the climate if pretty similar. The ocean and beach are really pretty. If you serve inland it is desert hot. They do everything in Celsius and Kilometers so you have to get used to that. It only rained a couple times while I was there, but when it rains it pours hard. It isn’t too humid. I barely used a light jacket. If you’re on a bike you’ll want a beanie.

Work with the Members

Working with the members helped the most. The people in Australia are so friendly with their friends but not with strangers. You have to get members involved early. I would have done that more if I could go back.