April 10, 2017

Australia Melbourne Mission

Chelsea (Australia Melbourne Mission)

–Paraphrased from Chelsea’s mission interview–

The Mission

We had 12 stakes and 12 zones and 1 district as well. The variety of sizes of wards was really surprising. I served in branches with 30 people coming each week and a ward with over 200 people coming each week. It was really cool going door to door because I made a list of all of the different countries that people were from that I met. One week I met people from 40 different countries. I met a lot of Buddhists, Catholics, and Atheists people as well. The atheists people were the nicest to us. The Catholics and Jehovah’s Witnesses were really mean to us.

The Church in Australia

In Australia the Church is pretty small. All of the members know each other. Everyone there is either a first or second generation member. That was really cool. I found out later that one of my ancestors was in Tasmania. Everyone was new to the gospel. It was nothing like Utah. We had to help people overcome drinking a lot.