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Arizona Tempe Mission Address

Here’s a recent address for the Arizona Tempe Mission. We try to keep this information up to date, but it’s a good idea to check the mission address with several sources, including your mission packet or the mission office.

Arizona Tempe Mission
1871 E. Del Rio Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85282-2822

Phone Number: 1-480-838-0659
Mission President: President Spencer Christensen

Arizona Tempe Mission Map

Here’s a link to the mission map for the Tempe Mission (LDS). To access the official map for the Tempe Mission, simply

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Arizona Tempe Missionary Blogs

Here’s a list of LDS missionary blogs for the Tempe Mission. This blog list includes the missionary’s name, URL and when their mission blog was updated.

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Admin 2017
Sister Jenna LeBaron 2017
Elder Evan West 2017
Elder Liam Ross 2017
Elder Andrew Vincent 2017
Sister Jennifer Eaton 2016
Elder Griffin Collingridge 2016
Sister Abigail Valenta 2016
Elder Trevor Barlow 2016
Sister Kate Riker 2016
Elder Zackery Youngblood 2016
Mission Alumni 2015
Sister Brown 2015
Sister Annalee Dewey 2015
Sister Christina Stratford 2015
Elder Brandon Wallentine 2015
Sister Rebecca Bishop 2015
Elder Taylor Janis 2015
Elder Dylan Cox 2015
Sister Lindsay Holcomb 2014
Sister Alyson Johnson 2014
Sister Anna Berbert 2014
Elder Trevor Allen 2014
Elder Paul Johnson 2014
Sister Jessica Savage 2014
Elder Ryan Kirton 2014
Sister Kayla Hansen 2014
Elder Spencer Watson 2013
Elder Jadon Niederhauser 2013
Elder Alexander Egbert 2013
Elder Zak Patience 2013
Sister Shelby Limburg 2013
Elder Marshall Smith 2013
Elder Daniel Peterson 2013
Elder Daniel Feller 2012
Elder Allan Winterbottom 2012
Elder David Watson 2012
Elder & Sister Urry 2012
Elder Jonathan Harder 2011
Elder Jason Newhall 2011
Elder Joseph Johnson 2011
Elder Spencer German 2011

Arizona Tempe Mission Groups

Here are Arizona Tempe Mission Groups- for LDS missionary moms, returned missionaries, mission presidents and other alumni of the Tempe Mission.

  1. Arizona Tempe Mission Facebook Group (681 members)
  2. Tempe Mission, President Woolsey 1988-1990 Group (123 members)
  3. Jason Thomsen in the Arizona Tempe Mission! Group (95 members)
  4. Urry’s AZ Tempe Mission Facebook Group (41 members)
  5. Arizona Tempe Mission (1986-ish to 1988-ish) Group (34 members)
  6. Arizona Tempe Mission Facebook Group (25 members)
  7. Arizona Tempe Mission Stephen B. Allen Group (22 members)
  8. Arizona Tempe Mission Moms and Friends (LDS) Group (6 members)
  9. Arizona Tempe Mission Brice Hedrick Facebook Group (6 members)
  10. Tempe Arizona Mission – President Bailey Era Group (3 members)

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Arizona Tempe Mission Presidents

Here’s a list of current and past Mission Presidents of the Tempe LDS Mission.

  1. 2016-2019, Spencer Christensen
  2. 2013-2016, James L. Toone
  3. 2010-2013, Dean L. Howes
  4. 2007-2010, Robert C. Craig
  5. 2004-2007, Gerald Anderson Buttars
  6. 2001-2004, Del R. Jones
  7. 1998-2001, Steven Lynn Bates
  8. 1995-1998, Brice Lee Hedrick
  9. 1993-1995, Stephen B. Allen
  10. 1990-1993, David L. Bailey
  11. 1987-1990, Durrell A. Woolsey
  12. 1984-1987, Lloyd R. George
  13. 1981-1984, Val K. Parke
  14. 1978-1981, Warren H. Kennedy
  15. 1975-1978, Jack H. Goaslind
  16. 1972-1975, Oscar W. McConkie Jr.
  17. 1969-1972, Clark M. Wood

Arizona LDS Statistics (2015)

  • Church Membership: 416,192
  • Missions: 6
  • Temples: 5
  • Congregations: 844
  • Family History Centers: 66

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Arizona Tempe Missionary Survey

Here are survey responses from Arizona Tempe RMs, to give you a snapshot into what it’s like to live in the mission.

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When did you serve?

  • 2014-2016 (Phillip)
  • 2014-2015 (McKenna)
  • 2014-2015 (Libbie)
  • 2013-2014 (Joshua)
  • 2012-2014 (Dale)
  • 2012-2014 (Christopher)
  • 2011-2013 (Travis)
  • 2009-2011 (Jessica)
  • 2009-2011 (Casey)
  • 2007-2009 (Jakiah)
  • 2007-2009 (Jonathan)
  • 1989-1990 (Diana)
  • 1987-1989 (Laura)
  • 1987-1989 (Ty)
  • 1986-1988 (Jeanie)

What areas did you serve in?

  • Mesa twice, Gilbert, Tempe YSA, Tempe family, Chandler twice. (Phillip)
  • Phoenix, Maricopa, and Tempe, but Tempe included parts of Phoenix, Chandler, Awahtukee, Mesa, Guadalupe, etc. (McKenna)
  • I served from central AZ to SW AZ. (Dale)
  • Gilbert, Chandler, Ahwatukee, South Phoenix (Christopher)
  • Tempe, Mesa, San Tan Valley, Gilbert, and Globe (So most aren’t in Tempe mission anymore). (Travis)
  • Mesa (three times all in different areas) Casa Grande, Chandler, and Maricopa. (Casey)
  • Chandler, Yuma, Maricopa, Show Low. (Jakiah)
  • Safford, Tempe, Mesa. (Diana)
  • Arizona Tempe–Visitors Center (Laura)
  • Mesa, Apache junction, South Phoenix, and Tucson. (Ty)
  • Tucson, Gilbert, Mesa Tempe. (Jeanie)

What were some favorite foods?

  • I honestly didn’t have too many bad foods there! It was all good! But the Mexican food is awesome! (Phillip)
  • Flautas, Enchiladas, Posole, Milanesa. Go Hispanic food! Don’t forget the beans and rice. 🙂 (McKenna)
  • Swedish pancakes, steak, asparagus, nachos and more. (Joshua)
  • Carne Asada, anything Mexican really. (Dale)
  • Chipotle, pizza, lasagna, burritos. (Christopher)
  • Pizza and burgers. If you like Mexican, there’s lots of it. (Travis)
  • Enchiladas and Lasagna. (Jessica)
  • Pisole- Amazing Mexican soup!!; Tostadas Tamales- I did a food eating competition and beat the elders by eating 10!!; and Moule- This chocolate sauce they put on chicken, mmmmmm sooo good! (Libbie)
  • I never met a meal I didn’t like. That being said, the mission was the opportunity to try so many new things, such as rice and curry. (Casey)
  • Pozole, ceviche, tomales, carne asada, tortas y tacos. (Jakiah)
  • Enchiladas, tacos, in-n-out, El Ricos, R&R pizza, golden spoon, del taco. (Jonathan)
  • Mexican. (Diana)
  • Hawaiian Haystacks. (Laura)
  • Some really good pizza places can’t really remember some of the names. (Ty)
  • Tacos, tamales, pizza. (Jeanie)

What was a funny experience?

  • There was a really bad thunder storm one time, and I had to burn a shirt, so we had to run across the yard to the fire pit while holding the shirt that was in complete flames! It was crazy! (Phillip)
  • We were trying to put a musical number together for Christmas Conference and my companion wanted to play the flute. The Mission President’s wife said we had to get one from a member in the Ward. We knew it was a long shot because we were in a Spanish Ward, but we tried anyway. We ended up getting two members who were willing to let us borrow their flute, so we made plans with one and went over to get it. Instead of a flute, she handed us a recorder! Apparently they’re the same word in Spanish….but she was so genuine that we couldn’t turn it down. We never used it, though. (McKenna)
  • Making food for the other missionaries in the apartment, and totally forgetting to set the table for 4, instead I set it for 2. (Joshua)
  • I got ran over on my bike once… I could’ve busted my leg, but only bent my front tire. (Dale)
  • My first day in the mission we went contacting on ASU Campus trying to hand out Book of Mormons. The first person I went up to was a lady walking briskly with an umbrella. I started talking to her and she would not stop walking or slow down. I trotted next to her, talking about the Book of Mormon. I Held out the Book of Mornon and without looking at me she grabbed it and said, “I will take it” and kept on going. I turned around to see my companion and found that he was all the way down the street. Then I realized I was pretty much running as I talked to this lady because she obviously was trying to get away. (Christopher)
  • While covering a YSA branch, I asked a girl on the street how old she was (because I thought she might be of YSA age) and I think she assumed I was coming on to her. (Travis)
  • We sat with a less active mom at church to help with her and her son spit on both his hands and tried to wipe them on me. It made sacrament meeting very comical. (Jessica)
  • When I was teaching a schizophrenic lady in Spanish and accidentally said that Jesus is in her house right now. She started looking for him. It was AWKWARD! (Libbie)
  • It was my first area, second transfer. I was introducing my companion to some of the investigators and had just finished talking to one. As we were riding away, I heard my companion shout out what I thought was “ROCK!” Looking back, I saw a large dog trying to get on his bike. We managed to get away, though. (Casey)
  • Elder Guernsey got bit by a dog, his reaction was priceless. (Jakiah)
  • Driving down a street with poor drainage during the monsoon season. (Jonathan)
  • Sister Wooten’s Alf slippers!! (Diana)
  • Some days on preparation day, we were served in Arizona State University wards and during one of those days, there was nothing to do.  It was really during the monsoon season so when it was raining super hard, we decided to go out on the main street there as a zone, and rain bathe in the rain. (Ty)
  • When I was serving in East Tucson, December 1986 there was a family in one of my wards that had a pet skunk. (Jeanie)

What was a crazy experience?

  • My companion and I were hiking one P-Day and we decided to basically climb a giant rock, so as my companion is climbing…he falls and gets all cut up! Don’t worry we were laughing about it 5 seconds later. (Phillip)
  • One time, a lady we were teaching called us as we were in the temple, accusing us of stealing her dogs. She had already contacted the Ward Mission Leader and the Bishop, but they thought it was funny. Best part is, she had already called the police! She was sure it was us because we were sitting out on her porch one night waiting for her to show up for an appointment. The police never contacted us though. (McKenna)
  • Almost getting run down by anti-Mormon people as we were on our bikes. (Joshua)
  • We went into a very ghetto apartment complex to teach a lesson. There was a large man that was drunk sitting outside and yelling out the door where we were teaching. He told us to come out and face him. Our investigator told us it was probably best if we left because we were not safe. We were led by our investigator outside down the stairs and out of the complex, the whole time having a lot of people watching us and yelling at us all of the things they would do to us if we ever came back. (Christopher)
  • We rode our bikes through a summer monsoon. We were soaked and could barely stay upright. (Travis)
  • Monsoons rolling in super fast and causing a sudden hail storms. Trees fell over in car ports and houses. (Jessica)
  • When one of our investigators, who was also a drug addict, held his mom hostage so we had to let her get away and calm him down. (Libbie)
  • Didn’t really have any of those. (Casey)
  •  Elder Houlin and I got a gun pulled on us once in Chandler while street contacting at night. (Jakiah)
  • Two inmates escaped from a nearby prison. (Jonathan)
  • Having a double barreled shotgun pulled on a stake missionary and I at night while we were doing follow up. It was dark & we didn’t know until it was over. (Diana)
  • When my companion and I went up to a door tracting, and I explained we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and he said he wasn’t interested, and I said OK, thank you for your time and my companion was white and said did you see that guy that he had? (Ty)
  • There was a lady in one of my wards in East Tucson who was having a house built and was staying on the property. We went over to see her and she was not there. We had the impression to leave and it was good because her ex-husband was there hiding waiting for her. He was 6′ 5″ and could have harmed us but we were saved by listening to the Spirit. (Jeanie)

What was a spiritual experience?

  • The entire time was a great big spiritual experience! We taught a lady who had pretty much every trial there could be thrown at her! but she kept saying “oh it’s just Satan not wanting me to get baptized” She definitely taught me something about faith! (Phillip)
  • One time we were trying to contact someone we hadn’t been able to contact. We finally found him and he was super excited to have us in. He asked a bunch of rapid fire questions, but they were all genuine questions. We answered them, concluding that they would need to attend Church to have all their questions answered. They were a little iffy about it. We finally decided to set a return appointment and say a prayer, which my companion offered. For the first time, the Spirit entered the room, and very powerfully too. As the prayer ended, we looked up to see the mother in tears, the daughter starting to cry, and the father was emotional. He then pointed to the doorway and said, “I feel like Jesus himself is standing there in this room with us.” We then explained the Spirit and invited them to Church again, to which the father said, “We’ll be there.” (McKenna)
  • Every Christmas season, we would go to the Mesa Temple as a mission. (Joshua)
  • I understood a bit more of spiritual gifts, like the gift of tongues and ministering of angels. (Dale)
  • I was sitting in a lesson, not sure what we were going to teach because it was an unexpected lesson and we didn’t have time to come up with a plan. I said a silent prayer and felt strongly that we needed to read 3 Nephi 10-11. We did and at the end I felt prompted to invite her to be baptized, much to the amazement of the member that was there. The investigator smiled and said yes she wanted to. She was baptized a couple weeks later. (Christopher)
  • Lots I suppose, but the full range of mission experiences helped me come to know the Lord more intimately and I consider that the greatest blessing of my mission. (Travis)
  • Not knowing where to go to find someone to teach and being led to a man taking out his trash. He ended up converting to the gospel. It is amazing to see how the spirit can literally guide the very steps we take. (Jessica)
  • When I pulled off my name tag and handed it to a less active and testified that If Jesus were here he would be saying the same things we as missionaries were saying. The spirit was so strong. (Libbie)
  • There was a day when I was feeling really down about myself. I was in my fifth area. My companion was awesome and so in tune with the Spirit and I just felt like I couldn’t do anything right. I went most of the day feeling like this. That night, we were supposed to give a blessing to an investigator, and after a series of events, mostly a culmination of trying to find a Priesthood holder on a Friday night, we were able to get in. After asking her who she would like to give her the blessing, I got asked to. My companion actually made the comment that he didn’t feel up to it, making me feel a bit worse, but I went ahead with it. I don’t remember much of what was said, but my companion said later that it was the most spiritual blessing he had heard. All I know is that I walked away from that feeling my Heavenly Father’s love and knowing that it had flowed through me to comfort our investigator. (Casey)
  • We helped teach a part-member family for several months and got invited to their sealing in the Salt Lake Temple after my mission was over. (Jakiah)
  • Seeing a family, set on an impending divorce decide to stick together after a powerful closing prayer after the first lesson. The gospel does bless families, and quickly. (Jonathan)
  • When I was in Safford with my trainer Sister Tanner. She and I prayed and fasted to know how many baptisms we should have for the month. The answer I got very clearly was 10! We had very few potential investigators at the time. The Spirit led us to find those who knew needed the Gospel—we witnessed a miracle! (Diana)
  • Every time we asked someone if they’d like to be baptized which happened a lot because we had such a wonderful mission. (Ty)
  • In my first area My companion and I were teaching a 16 year old who was fellowshipped by his good friend. When we got the referral, we were told that he wanted to be taught and baptized and that was what we had been fasting and praying about. He was baptized a few days after I was transferred to my next area. (Jeanie)

What are some interesting facts about the Tempe Mission?

  • It’s the greatest mission in the world. Enough said. (Phillip)
  • Leading technology mission in the world! Really obedient. Really good member base (strong Wards and Stakes) but also has a large nonmember population, so you literally have everything you need to succeed. A good combination of college dynamic (ASU) and older people and families. It is literally the best combination. The members love the missionaries and they’re so willing to help. You couldn’t ask for better. (McKenna)
  • The desert where Star Wars was filmed is just inside of the mission. (Joshua)
  • It’s hot. The people are awesome. (Yes, that’s a fact). (Dale)
  • Lots of Cactus, there is an Indian reservation, lots of members (Christopher)
  • It is the descendant of the original Arizona mission, which was the last mission in the church where Elders labored without purse or scrip. (Travis)
  • The bigger cities are composed of mainly Italian and German immigrant families. They are more wealthy and tend to have a lower success rate than the more native Argentine type further out in the country. A large majority of church members are actually Peruvian transplants living there illegally. (Casey)
  • Member missionary work was the best there! Tons of member support! (Jakiah)
  • One of the fastest growing missions, President Eyring blessed the area that it would be a refuge and sanctuary to those fleeing from the world. Many would be led there because they could there find the gospel. (Jonathan)
  • Even though I began serving as a missionary in the field, I was put into the visitor center and gave my first tour the day before Christmas tours started. My greatest fear was speaking! My companion knew sign language and we became the informal ASL missionaries. The last three months of my mission I was in a wheelchair because I couldn’t walk. President made my companion and I Sister APs and I thought he was just pulling our leg. After we left, he kept Sister APs. 🙂 (Diana)
  • The main fact I served honorably. (Ty)
  • The mission covered the Southeastern corner of Arizona and Lordsburg, NM. There were 100 elders and 50 sisters. There were 20 zones. (Jeanie)

What was the weather like?

  • It’s hot… VERY HOT! My first day was about 120 degrees! (Phillip)
  • It’s pretty warm, as you would expect in Arizona. What they don’t tell you is that the summer is full of a lot of monsoons, so bring stuff that can get wet. Also, there are a lot of dust and lightning storms called haboobs. Those are scary because they carry valley fever. Don’t be outside in those. You know what else they don’t tell you? It actually gets cold in the Winter. You wouldn’t think so, but it does. Be prepared. (McKenna)
  • November-January: may get into sweater season. Feb-May & end of August-October: nice mid 80s during the day. June-the beginning of August is hot, in the 100s. (Joshua)
  • Very hot in the summer with brief rain showers during monsoon season. (Christopher)
  • No surprise here…it’s hot. But you will need a jacket in the winter. (Travis)
  • Warm in the summers. Take every opportunity to stand in the shade and drink lots of water. In the winter, as soon as the sun goes down it drops really fast. Make sure to pack a jacket to put on. (Jessica)
  • I was pretty cold often, I wore jackets and brought blankets into the car because my mission companions blared the air conditioning. Call me crazy, but I liked being warm. I slept with 4 blankets and one stuffed animal named “Louie”. (Libbie)
  • Aside from one week straight of rain just after getting a companion from Washington State, it was pretty normal. (Casey)
  • It was hot in the summer and perfect in the winter. (Jakiah)
  • Four seasons: Hot, Hotter, Asphalt melts, You stop sweating because it evaporates that fast. (Jonathan)
  • 120 with a warm breeze on our warmest day. (Diana)
  • HOT!!! (Laura)
  • It was super hot, super rainy, and super amazing. (Ty)
  • In the Summer it got to over 110 degrees and 80 degrees in the Winter. (Jeanie)

Any things you really like about the area/people?

  • The people of Arizona are just awesome, they are really great people! They have big hearts and are really nice! (Phillip)
  • The Hispanic people are so humble and generally open. They rarely say no (which can be its own challenge but it is also awesome), and will do anything to make you at home in their home. They’re open to the Gospel because a lot of them don’t get filled at church. A lot of people are super ready just because after they let you in and you teach, they finally feel something of substance. They also make really good food. You will gain weight. But it’s the best thing ever. We also have good leadership in the valley, so you’ll never be wanting for that. Maricopa has such a special charm about it. Also, the Arizona Tempe Mission is known as a healing mission. It’s a place where people go to be healed. And miracles happen there. You will not be disappointed. (McKenna)
  • They were all very nice, even if they weren’t from our religion. (Joshua)
  • The people were mostly open to the Gospel. You’d get a few that had ‘heard it before,’ but that’s like putting a target on your back for future missionary visits. (Dale)
  • The members are amazing and very missionary-minded. (Christopher)
  • There’s a great deal of diversity across the board. (Travis)
  • They are soooooooooo loving and show their love by feeding us. So I ate, A LOT! they have soooo much unconditional love and its incredible. (Libbie)
  • I enjoyed the scenery and the clear skies. (Casey)
  • Arizona was more beautiful than I anticipated. The people were friendly and easy to grow to love and serve. (Jakiah)
  • The members were converted to the work. We had 40 lessons a week and most of those were with a member present. (Jonathan)
  • Their faith. The strength of the members and willingness to share the Gospel. (Diana)
  • Everyone there was amazing and I love the people so much. We had an amazing missionary president also. (Ty)
  • I loved and love that the people are a combination of Native American and Hispanic. I love the food and the history. I love Arizona so much that February 2013 my husband and I moved to the Grand Canyon State and he loves it as much as I do. (Jeanie)

Any packing/clothing advice?

  • Don’t underestimate the winters…it does, in fact, get cold! So along with packing a lot of short sleeve shirts, also pack some coats for the colder parts of the year! (Phillip)
  • I highly recommend a water-resistant bag for monsoon season. It’ll save your life, and that of your pamphlets and Books of Mormon. Also, bring warm clothes! You don’t think you need them for AZ, but you do. At least a coat and some gloves and a scarf. And if you think you don’t need anything long sleeved, you’re wrong. 🙂 But also bring stuff you don’t have to layer so you don’t die in the summer. Also for winter, sisters; bring tights. They’ll save your life. (McKenna)
  • No winter coats! Trade the coats for sweaters that match your ties. (Joshua)
  • Definitely pick lighter fabrics in your… well, everything. Suits, shirts, pants. Sturdy, breathable shoes are a must. (Dale)
  • Make sure to pack what your mission call tells you to pack. (Christopher)
  • Don’t dare try to get by using only one pair of shoes. (Travis)
  • Simplify, you really dont need a hundred things. And you’ll last, you’ll be fine. You dont need that much sunscreen either, you will always be covered by clothes. Pack some gifts or cards to give to people who get baptized! I gave away journals:) (Libbie)
  • The best I can say is make sure to get a Camelback or some such water backpack. It saved me many times from dehydration. (Casey)
  • A good rain jacket and umbrella for monsoon season. (Jakiah)
  • Camelback or equivalent backpack. (Jonathan)
  • Dress professionally for Sisters (unless it’s changed.) Let what you wear reflect your message and add to being a representative of the Lord. (Diana)
  • Get a nice two suits and ties, two shoes and four sets of garments and then the best thing to do is go to thrift mart and get amazing suits from there because they’re awesome. (Ty)
  • I suggest for sisters wearing cream colored hose it helps with the heat. (Jeanie)

What blessings did you receive from serving a mission?

  • I have received so many I can’t even count! (Phillip)
  • My friends are now open and interested to the Gospel, self confidence, conversion, closer family relationships, love, peace, surety, healing, gratitude, discipline, patience, self control, dignity, emotional health, and self awareness. (McKenna)
  • The confidence to cook for others. (Joshua)
  • I can speak Spanish, and something a bit less obvious than language is work ethic and a testimony of the Savior. (Dale)
  • There are too many to count! The greatest was a deeper relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ and a greater love for my family. (Christopher)
  • I drew closer to the Lord and gained a much greater appreciation for his Atonement. I learned a lot about people and am much more charitable as a result. (Travis)
  • At least once a week I am reminded of my mission. Especially now that I am a mother, I look back and see all the things God taught me and how He prepared me for this next stage of life. As a parent you will always be teaching and living as an example of how to become like our Savior. (Jessica)
  • Realizing that God is in charge and he has unconditional love for me. I learned that when everything is wrong, when Im wrong, Christ will make up the difference and that things are going to be okay. (Libbie)
  • I started out my mission a major introvert. I couldn’t talk to anyone with any confidence. I knew why I was there and why I had come, but I had trouble getting those words out in the open. (Casey)
  • I became fluent in Spanish, have married my beautiful and faithful wife, and have received a solid education at BYU. (Jakiah)
  • I can’t find a blessing in my life today that hasn’t come from serving a mission. (Jonathan)
  • It set the tone for the rest of my life. I’m able to share my testimony world wide now. (Diana)
  • Amazing health. (Ty)
  • I was blessed in so many ways. I learned how to talk to people about the gospel I love and how to get along with my companion which has helped in marriage. (Jeanie)

What are some skills you gained?

  • I’m able to talk to people a lot better than I was before! (Phillip)
  • Mad skills at hunting down houses and reading addresses, communication skills, the ability to make the Gospel normal and a part of daily conversation, discernment, ability to see what people really mean when they’re talking to you, ability to read houses (tell who they are by their front lawn), bike riding skills (in a skirt), ability to shower and get ready quickly, ability to simplify life, ability to pack quickly and concisely. (McKenna)
  • Organization, time management, talking to strangers. (Joshua)
  • Definitely planning. Spanish is cool too; but mostly planning. (Dale)
  • Social skills, being able to talk to anyone, being able to get along with someone with whom you don’t have very many things in common, and riding a bike without hands. (Christopher)
  • Observation, study, focus; just to name a few. (Travis)
  • Spanish!!! My companion taught me how to make banana bread! Yay! I learned how to study the Book of Mormon. I also learned to type emails faster than i ever had. I learned the temple marriage is the most important thing in this life for me and the life to come. And that’s my eternal goal. (Libbie)
  • Spanish, people/communication skills, and leadership/managing skills. (Jakiah)
  • Studying, faith, determination, confidence. (Jonathan)
  • Loving & accepting others. Being bold in proclaiming the Gospel with love. Commitment to my companion which translated to my current spouse. ASL. Public speaking. Knowing how to serve. (Diana)
  • Being able to talk to people and spend more time reading and studying that I’ve ever had and was able to do it in my life. (Ty)
  • I found after 7 years as a professional how I was prepared for it on my mission. (Jeanie)

What do you wish you knew/did at the beginning of your mission?

  • I wish I understood the Spirit more before I started. I also wish I had known that you don’t have to know everything there is to know about the Gospel to serve! (Phillip)
  • There’s a difference between working hard and working smart. Don’t just drill your face into the ground and wear yourself out if you’re not actually doing anything. The number of people visited does not constitute success. Your planning should not be just scheduling a lot of people to put in, but what you’re actually going to teach them and what they actually need from you. It’s okay to take an hour out of the day to plan something that will help people or your ward. Don’t be a robot. (McKenna)
  • I wish that I would have learned more about the simple things of the gospel. (Joshua)
  • Be you. You don’t need to pretend to be an Ammon or Alma or any other Elder or Sister in your mission. (Dale)
  • I wish I would’ve opened my mouth and spoke more in lessons. I was really nervous and would remain quite while my companion taught but I wished I would have opened my mouth more at the start of my mission. (Christopher)
  • I wish I treated some of my companions better. You won’t like them all, but each is trying his/her best in their own way. (Travis)
  • Organization and how to communicate with different types of people. (Jessica)
  • That it never lasts as long as you think it will. Time goes fast and before you know it, it’s over. Dont be like Laman and Lemuel, Don’t Murmur. It isn’t worth the time. (Libbie)
  • How to work more effectively; time management. (Jakiah)
  • I wish I knew the lessons better. I knew the doctrines, but not the lessons. (Jonathan)
  • You make a difference from the start. There is a reason you come into contact with each person—find it. (Diana)
  • Even more about the gospel. (Ty)

Any advice/testimony for pre-missionaries going to Tempe?

  • Let go of the expectation of being a “perfect” missionary, because everybody makes mistakes… just be yourself and you’ll do great! (Phillip)
  • Study chapter three and become familiar with each of the 42 principles in the lessons, the order, and the commitments. It’ll make transitioning easier. Don’t live out of your suitcase. Listen to your trainer. They know more than you think, just like your real parents. 😉 (McKenna)
  • Just be prepared to have fun, the Arizona Tempe mission was a blast to be in and everyone you meet will be an influence on your life. (Joshua)
  • Go clean, or don’t go at all. That’s that. If you’re not clean, get clean, because the mission is the best two years for your life. You don’t want to trip yourself up before you even get out there, do you? (Dale)
  • It is the best mission ever! Learn to have fun, follow the mission rules, and love those whom you teach. (Christopher)
  • It’s the greatest mission in the world. (Travis)
  • Be open to new ways of doing things. Take time to study the scriptures for your own personal growth and for your investigators. Read the Book of Mormon. Become familiar with every page. (Jessica)
  • Call upon the Lord in everything, the Spirit will tell you more than you can ever learn on your own. Simple is the way Christ taught, teach like Him. (Libbie)
  • You aren’t going to this amazing place for you. Get that thought out of your head. You’re going to this mission for the people you are going to meet. You’ve been prepared to touch people that only you can truly relate to. Maybe there’s some spark in you that will kindle the fire in someone else’s life. Maybe your experiences will drive someone to do more. It’s all up to you. (Casey)
  • Work your hardest, love the people and obey with exactness. (Jakiah)
  • Anything you have to give up will come back to you 10-fold after serving a mission. (Jonathan)
  • Love and serve your companions and the people you come into contact with. Follow the rules and know that your gifts will help you specifically with those you meet. (Diana)
  • Make sure you get the answer to your prayers because it’s worth it and it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done and I’m so grateful. (Ty)
  • If you are near a temple go as much as you can. Also go on splits with the full time missionaries. (Jeanie)

What was a funny language mistake?

  • I accidentally called somebody a bad word when I was on exchanges with the Spanish Elders…. oops. I was English speaking. (Phillip)
  • I spoke Spanish and once mixed up ‘mujer’ (woman) and ‘mejor’ (better) and told a man he could have a woman life. My companion once mixed up ‘cuerpo’ (body) and ‘comida’ (food) and in the blessing on the food she asked God to bless the people who didn’t have bodies. 🙂 (McKenna)
  • I didn’t really mess up that often (of if I did, my companions or investigators never told me), but I remember that to practice the grammar, I’d forget my accent and talk like the most gringo Spanish-speaker you’d ever heard. (Dale)
  • Started a prayer with “Padre Celestial” before realizing that I don’t actually know Spanish. (Travis)
  • Well we ate habeneros in order to give us a better accent. It burned our tongues like crazy. (Libbie)
  • It wasn’t a mistake but I learned to speak ASL when someone walked into the visitors center asking to be baptized. He wanted me to speak at his baptism! I did…made a 15 page talk with photo copies of signs I used for the talk. (Diana)
  • I never would make a mistake really but sometimes we would go into some areas that I was a zone leader on splits and he would know Spanish and I would not but I knew just enough to get me in trouble. (Ty)

Erin (Arizona Tempe Mission)

–Paraphrased from Erin’s mission interview–

Mormon Settlers in Arizona

Something interesting is that a lot of Mormons settled some of the towns in Arizona. There’s a lot of members there. My first area was Gilbert, which started out as a farming community of Mormon settlers and then grew into the large city that it is today. Another area was Show Low, up in the mountains. There’s a lot of small towns and villages that families or groups of families founded a few hundred years ago. Each town, being so far away from the city, has its own unique culture and personality.