About Lifey

Welcome to Lifey!!

A “Lifey” is a browsable, in-depth video about someone’s life- kind of like a video autobiography. Think

“Life” + “Story” = “Lifey” or

“Life” + “Selfie” = “Lifey”

A Lifey is a new way to learn from or about people.

Here’s an example of what a Lifey looks like:

After conducting and publishing hundreds of hours of video interviews on YouTube, I collaborated with my tech-savvy friend Christopher to develop a more intuitive way to share video interviews. The Lifey video player allows you to browse specific stories and insights from a person’s life- as much or as little as you want.

We’re a new service and currently have only one office in Provo, Utah. If you would like to record your or your loved one’s life history, please contact me at alexbalinski@gmail.com.

Lifey videos are high-quality, browsable, shareable and best of all — they’re free!

*Lifeys are 100% free. If you can, we suggest a $50-100 donation to help us cover the cost of editing and equipment.

*When using our Lifey studio, we ask that you respect our values of: honesty, kindness, clean language, modesty, etc. We reserve the right to deny our free service to anyone who we feel might not respect our values. We also reserve the right to not include video segments that go against our values.